Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Indulged in an idle fancy before christmas Eve

Today, it's very cold.
As I'm very sensitive to cold, I don't like winter. So, today, I'm not happy. I have to wear a few clothes one over another. Gloves and boots are necessities during winter time.
My office is not quite warm. Its building superindentent seems to me stingy.
Whenever I get to work, I don't take off my coat because my office is not enoughly heated.
It's heating until A.M 10, so I have to divert my mind in taking a hot coffee or hot chocolate.
I love hot chocolate, especially on which almonds or cinnamon powder sprinkle.
Cinnamon powder add savory flavor to hot chocolate. Baked almonds are very nice.
Christmas day coming day by day to us, my heart grow restless. I made up a special plan with my girl friend. We'll have a wonderful time on the hightest street. We'll find a romantic restaurant with a special menu, and have a ramble on this street. Of course, it will be decorated with neon light and christmas trees. We'll take pictures to keep good memory.


Blogger pinkcocoa said...

So glad to see another chocolate love blogging ;-) I cant live without hot chocolate during winter!

4:15 PM  

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