Monday, May 09, 2005

A mysterious taste of Porridge

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Nowadays, I adhere uncommonly to porridge. Especially porridge of the flesh of a clam along with different vegetables. I cut vegetables like carrot, a young pumpkin, mushroom into small slices. If cut too small piecs, we can't have a feeling of chewing with a crunching sound.
I tried other variations with using some hard-shelled mussel,oyester, cod, shrimp. But I found clam the best. Why ? It goes well with crunchy vegetables. Although clam is a kind of fish, it doens't give forth excessively a typical ordor of fish family. It's very mild and light. Besides it, it make us feel chewing something.
As a finish up, I sprinkle green tea powder as well as salt with parched seasam.
You know that green color stimulates our appetite ?
Greeny color is associated with roasted tasty seasam.
This morning, I emptied a bowl of porridge. ^^


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