Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Favory temptation from Turkey

Turkish delight Posted by Hello

One of my colleagues brought that famous Turkish delight from a long journey to Turkey. Turkish delight means a jellied candy typically flavored with rose water. Some pistachios were included.
History of Turkish delight dates back to over 500 years. It is one of the oldest sweets in the world. According to legend, Sultan summoned all experts of confectionery and ordered them to make a unique dessert. The sultan found Turkish light so tasty. It stimulates the appetite. So sultans insisted on serving always this Turkish delight at their daily meals. Turkish delight became a treat very famous and traditional over hundreds of years. Turkish delight are very various from strawberry, mint, orange to pistachio, hazelnut, etc. I heard that Turkish fashionable ladies offered it as gift and Turkish serve it on birthday or special holiday. Since it remains fresh for 6 ∼12 months, we can have enough time to taste.
It is said that Picasso used to have Turkish delight on daily basis to concentrate his work while Winston Churchill and Napoleon liked pistachio filling. It’ll be okay to let Turkish delight in a cool and fresh place. But it’s not necessary to think of storage condition, because I already cleaned alone Turkish delight’s box. Am I gourmand ?


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