Saturday, May 28, 2005

Nice Kim bab of fried bean curd

" Kim Bab " Posted by Hello

" Kim Bab " means that rice rolled in a sheet of laver with various ingredients in the center. Name of Kim bab depends on these ingredients. If we put several vegetables in the center, we call it as vegetable kim bab. There are very various ; cheese, kim-chi, boiled beef, tuna, etc. What I like the most, it's a vegetable one.
Especially one from a small shop that sells different side dishes for busy dual-income families near to my house. Today, I looked at ingredients minutely because I want to make them by myself. They used carrot, egg, spinach, japanese yellow picked raddish, a kind of herb that smells simple taste and fried bean curd. I discovered their secret, namely they used specially fried bean curd. It makes kim bab simpler and nicer. These different ingredients were well harmonised fantastically.
Personally, I don't like to make kim bab, because they require a lot of trouble. Each ingredient needs different recipe. So it's not easy and it takes much time. I prefer to buy it in a shop.


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