Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Indulged in sweetness

Sweet red bean soup Posted by Hello

I'm mania for soup. Especially red bean soup.
I took a walk with my girl friend around Sam Chung Dong. Its weather was fantastic. Bright sun and fresh air, cooling wind.
I like wandering looking around beautiful shop and restaurant.
There is a special cafeteria. Maybe it'd be better to call as " Da bang ". This cafe sells traditonal teas with using herbs, and this special sweet red bean soup. Whenever this cafe is introduced by different masscom, I imagine what is its taste.
I scoutted about for this cafe. It was too small, and humble. It keeps well its own color and image. It looked very old like 60s years, my mother's generation.
I ordered this special soup. At a glance, it looked very different from normal soup what I thought before. Normally, we have red bean soup as a subsitute of meal. But this soup was filled with small bowl. Its color was also red like red bean. The color of soup was very deep and red. What about its taste ? First taste was too small.( Personally I don't like sweet one). I found it too sweet. Of course, my thinking was not changed by when I emptied soup bowl. But this sweetness didn't come from cheap sugar but from deep honey, just like extract. Walnut, jinko nut added flavour and nuitrive qualities. Specially, cynnamon powder was sprinkled. I don't know why. Because it seemed to me that cynnamon flavor didn't go well with red bean soup. At any rate, I emptied. There were too many tourists even from Japan, we couldn't stay longer. Although I wanted to look hard at passersby, we had to leave immediately to allow others to taste this special soup. I thought that japanese loved it, because they like sweet one ; cake, cookie, chocolate like me. ^^
Next time, I'd like to go there on weekdays taking my day off. In that time, I can appreciate its taste.


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