Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chicken Soup

SamGyeTang Posted by Picasa

Today is early dog days in chinese characther. Early dog days means the first 10 days period of the dog days. What is dog days ? I'm not sure why they name after dog. At any rate, it is originated from a tradition inherited since a long time ago. Amid summer time, our ancestors stood the heat by having dogs or chicken soup. Of course, dogs are different from domesticated ones. Sometimes, it brought many disputes from foreign country. Although I have never tried dog soup, I think that one country's tradition should be respected.
At any rate, everybody took chicken soup to get over hot summer. Personally, I don't like this kind of food. But my mother also prepared this chicken soup for us. Normally, we put glutinous rice, a chinese date, a jinseng, a chestnut, a ginko nut, etc. Glutinous rice is very good. All ingredients are good for health. So I can get over the heat ?


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