Thursday, June 02, 2005

Melting into the sweetness

Rasberry tiramishu Posted by Hello

A long long journey. I had to walk to look around Ko be city with my sister. We walked forward as a guidebook guided us. Kobe was a place well known as foreign ambassy area, so we can see different style's residence of ambassadors and foreigners. I dropped by a muslim mosque. There were a few persons who prayed and bowed. Although I'm not muslim, my mind became pious. Especially mosque's atmosphere was very clean and calm as what I liked. After a hard training time, we felt hungry. Even if I tried to find a good japanese restaurant, there was not any place that attracted our eyes. So, we chose a french style's restaurant in Japan. It's rediculous ! But food was very good, quality was also very good. I was really satisfied with thier menu. We selected cold tomato spaghetti with vegetables. They served us zucchini's sweet soup as hors-d'oeuvre, and raspberry tiramishu cake. Soup was fresh and sweet. It let us relieve from fatigue by sweetness. Especially raspberry tiramishu cake was wonderful. I have never tasted it before. I felt happy at the moment of that a slice of cake was melting in my mouth.


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