Sunday, May 29, 2005

Green tea's world

Into the healthy green tea cakes Posted by Hello

Green tea's power is great. Amore Pacific is a famous cosmetic brand but they are knowen as great green teas. They opened a cafeteria specific to green tea called as "O sulloc". All products are made of green tea. It was well infiltrated into young generation who think of their health and are intrested in well-being. Besides it, decoration and environment are also very special. All smelles greeny favor. That is to say, they satisfy our vision as well as taste. Bright sunlight, high celing, greeny wall paper... They seeks for not using any antiseptic, coloring matter. They uses powder green teas to make cakes, cookies, ice cream. I like the most ice cream and pound cake. If we have a spoonful of ice cream, green tea's favor convulses our nose. Deep and natural ingredients are melted in our throat. Pound cake is filled with various tropical fruits as well as green tea. To have a pleasant time, we have to accept a long long waiting in waiting seats. Of course at the moment of sitting down, we won't regret it, because nice green tea and sweet cake will compensate. It's also good to buy birthday cakes here.


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Délicieux, ton blog!

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Merci pour ton message. Visite souvent, bienvenue chez moi

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