Monday, May 30, 2005

Souvenir of Ramyun

Ramyun Posted by Hello

I like Ramyun, instant noodle. Japanese ramyun seems us very different from ours. First of all, ramyun soup is made of pork. Boil down pork meat for a long time until juice is flown from pork flesh like pork extract. Deep soup gives a good flavor. Next alive noodle by hand-made. Differently from korean ramyun, japaneses are using live, sticky and puffed noodle. Japanese ramyun is not spicy. As a garnish, they use chopped scalions and slices of pork. When I stayed in Osaka last time, a ramyun restaurant opened newly in the middle of a namba market. It costed around 500 yen. What it was impressed by me was a clean and bright atmosphere. So I visited again. It was still clean and bright.


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