Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Samsuni's pican pie

Lovely pican pie Posted by Hello

I'm a self-styled gourmet. Although I'm not professional journalist or freelancer for all kinds of food magazine, I have a sense of taste( Of course It's my own judgement ^^) I discovered a pican pie shop through a newspaper long time ago. Due to my skin trouble, I had to repress my thirst for tasting it. I finally decided to try it, I called to this shop. Differently from what I've heard from netizen, shop owner was very kind, more over talkative. I thought this shop is far from my house, but next to mine, and they opened a new shop underground of Big department store just near to my house. When I entered this shop, about 20 ovens were in a line in two separate room. Except it, there was nothing special. There were 2 women, one dame is owner and the other is cook. The latter seems around 50 years old. The shop owner was very kind and praised her pie. She asked to me how I had found this shop. Of course, by magazine. This shop's name is samsuni. In Korean, this name is very rustic but it brings a dim memory for our childhood. This shop is specialized in only pican pie. It costs about $10. In comparison with other bakery, this price is not expensive. She made by 100% handmade. She select good quality's walnut. The feature of this pie is that walnut is live, that is to say, normally, the chips of walnut is covered with pie dough. but on this pie, big slices of walnut are lay. So when we bite a pie, the walnut and pie dough eat crip. They don't use sugar so it's not quite sweet. It's a healthy food for well-being generation. There are two tastes depending on dough ; seasam and matcha(green tea). I bought two for tasting. Green tea is a little moist. Personally I prefer less moist seasam pie. My mother prefer green tea. It depends on age ? Maybe, because my sister agreed with me. Of course I can't take everyday this pie, but I'd like to keep this happy time while biting a sweet and simple pie. To tell the truth, I don't want that this shop became too famous. Normally, if a shop became known, its taste is certain to deteriorate and commercialize. I hope that this shop keeps their originality. There are some shops and restaurants that keeps their original tradition, for example, although they gain a lot of money, they don't try to enlarge their shops. Although a present shop is too tight and small, they try to keep their taste and colour. I hope that it happen to this shop. Nowadays, Samsuni fever has gripped our country. Samsuni is an actress' name of a soap dram titled to < Samsuni >. Samsuni is an old and fat maid. She is patissiere graduated from French cuisine school. It seems to me this drama pattern is too similar to Bridget Jones's diary. As I'm a big fan for Bridget, I don't like this drama. At any rate, implicating in the popularity of this drama, this shop is introduced often to TV program.


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