Sunday, July 17, 2005


Glutinous rice cake Posted by Picasa

Injulme is one out of rice cakes what I like the most. It is coated with bean flour. It made of glutinous rice so it's moist and sticky. The main ingredient of this rice cake is bean. It's is very good for health. After harden, I put them in refrigerator. I let iced injulme thaw and boil them on fry fan. It gives another special taste.


Blogger Elvira said...

I like very much these sorts of cakes!

2:15 AM  
Blogger Tom Naka said...

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6:05 AM  
Blogger Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

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2:03 AM  
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Blogger Bunny said...

I like injulme the best out of most rice cakes too. Have you ever tried mixing in berries while making the mitsoo gahroo? When you add in the beans, you also add in berries and the gahroo becomes a lovely color!

6:46 PM  
Blogger Michael Sheridan said...

Hi Chocopie
I never realised that so many blogs would show up if I did a search on something like chicken. I'm still not sure how well Injulme falls into that category, but I've enjoyed visiting :0) Adios Amigo.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Silver Fox said...

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