Friday, July 15, 2005

Water is vital for me

A thermos bottle Posted by Picasa

What is vital for my life ? For me, it's water. Normally, I drink 2ℓper day. At lease 1.5ℓ. As my body is very dry, it needs sufficient water. At frankfurt airport, I bought a thermo bottle. In fact, two. one is for me, the other for my mother. As she like mountain-climbing, I offered to her as gift. But differently from salesman's saying, this thermo bottles are not well working. If we put cold water, it doesn't keep cool. Bottle's cover was not well piecered. So, the water was not well poured. Oh la la... it was inferior merchandise ? Of course, I don't hope so. At any rate, this bottle doens't function properly as thermo bottle. But it's pretty as photo shows. If I use this bottle, my colleagues think something special and good for health is in. Yes, the water is in. I can't live without water.


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