Sunday, March 05, 2006


Last time, I have been to a restaurant specialized in swellfish with my friend and her husband in Pusan. Long time ago, our previous president, Mr.Park came to this restaurant, so it was very famous for foreigners. As my friends are also foreigners, they showed me a introduction document about Pusan. This restaurant called as " Keumso bok jib" was also shown on that doc. Bok means swellfish, and jib means house, namely restaurant. Today, I took my girl friend to that restaurant. Although it was very strange food to my foreign friend, she liked it very much. Normally, swellfish is very expensive food in Seou, but as Pusan is located in close to sea and port, I could enjoy this special food with low price as I've expected. Clear and simple taste of this soup ! Well harmonized with bean sprouts and dropwart. Posted by Picasa


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