Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting out of tired and lazy life pattern

Recently, I feel very tired. Although I don't do anything specially or more than previous days, why ? I can't get out of a feeling that I'm getting older. I started to drink a special extract of different kinds of juices with plenty of vitamin. Of course, I can't assure that this juice brings me much energy and awake me. Maybe, I'll need practicising a sport such as a yoga. I have never tried a yoga. A few days ago, I saw one TV program about Yoga presented by a professional yoga player who is japanese. Although she just was indulged in yoga world, her body was so slim and beautiful. My body looked very lazy and undesirable ! Her body was perfect to fit a light life. Every morning, I dream of starting a new sport or studying very hard however, my laziness prevents me from initiating anything. To know italian food, I just started italian. However, it's so difficult for me to skip more 1 pages of italian text book. Since a few years, I have learned myself italian. But I just know some words because of my horrible laziness. Oh my god ~~~~~~~


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