Friday, October 17, 2008

Terre et Mer

I visited suh rae ma ul known as French street in Seoul because of French school. In 5 years ago, as I have many friends who were living there, I could spend a lot of time in visiting their house. In that time, there were not many good restaurants even if they had an unique atmosphere differently from other streets because of many french peoples such as wine bar, french bakery, flower shop, etc.
My senior director invited me at dinner. I picked up a good french restaurant through web site. ' Terre et Mer " - " Earth and Sea " The definition of this restaurant is that they make food using all kinds of food stuffs growing in the earth and living in the sea. The environment was nice. It seems to me a little messy or not too much harmonized. However, in different view, it looked well arranged. They were looking for warm and simple french family meal not too much luxusious one. One staff of the restaurant showed us today's dinner menu per appetiser, main. He picked up french mussel as appetiser, and lamb steak as main with a bottle of Cass(korean beer), I picked up mushroom salad as appetiser, and mediteraneen style pasta - especially spicy fenne as main. First of all, mushroom salade was great. Taste was so good. Fresh mushroom, tomato, green vegetables with olive oils. I liked very much it. Pasta gave me an unusual experience. It didn't look so spicy. However, actually, it was so hot and spicy, maybe owing to green pepper ? Taste was good, I had to empty a big plate of pasta justifying that I can't ignore french chef's great effort. I enjoyed a glass of white wine. Strangely, I'm very weak at red wine although I prefer red one. Except when I'm in a good humour, I don't try to drink too much red wine with peoples. Wine seemed to me very cheap one. It was not so good. And dessert was terrible. There was just ice cream with cynnamon poweder and black coffee. I don't like too much filtered coffee with flavor like hazelnut coffee. They brought that kind of coffee. It was very bad. Ice cream looked not hand made. However, to try different foods, I can visit this restaurant with pleasaure. As this street is so close to my house, some day, I wanna explore different restaurants and cafes with my sister or mother. I could go home with joyful and happy mind thanks to new discovery of a good restaurant.


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