Sunday, June 15, 2008

Healthy food

As I was so excited and concerntrated on "Sex and city", I felt so hungry. As I skipped lunch, it was around PM 5 o'clock when I entered the restaurant. Early bird menu of Ukiyo served different small dishes. Among a few kinds of small dishes, 3 dishes could be selected. And a bottle of japanese beer also was served. I picked 3 dishes - one aubergine with nato sauce, rice covered with unaki, Tofu salde. Recently, I took tofu salade. It was so fresh and simple. Different vegetables such as carrots, cabbages and tofu. Main sauce is made from soybean. Although I can't trust freshness and quality of imported tofu, combinasion of vegetables and tofu made my mouth so fresh. It's really well-being food. Augerbine is boiled and finally was spreaded by japanese soybean paste sauce called as "Nato". Due to simple nato sauce, aubergine became something different.
Today, when I tried one jacket, I was so shocked that my size didn't suit me. It's so horrible ! From now on, I'll try to go on a diet for the healthier life. As the first step, I'll take 3 meals regularily. We'll see.


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