Thursday, January 03, 2008

Special mandoo

My lunch menu was " Dumpling ", we call it as Mandoo in korean. Near to my previous working place, there was a very special restaurant. I was introduced by my best female friend at the first time. Since then, I became a guest, ratherly VIP. From time to time, I went to that restautant 4 times a week. This restautant just serves " Big dumpling made with Kimchi " like E-Book style( E-Book means north korea). There are some meats, vegetables, especially Kimchi and sweet noodle. Menu is Man doo kook(Soup), Man doo Jim(boiled dumpling). Owner of this restaunt made Mandoo for herself with her husband. It tasted excellent. As I was guest, I booked table before going there so she set the table differently from others. Man doo is served with Kimchi and Dong Chi mi( this is also E-Book style, made with white raddish) Today, I went to this restaunt again with my colleagues. I didn't go there since 2 years ago. I was really looking forward to tasting what my appetite remembered. However, I was so surprised and disappointed. Firstly, I was so surprised at change of location of this restaunt. This restaunt was originally owner's house therefore very small just a few tables. There were a lot of peoples who were waiting for their turn. However there was bigger and more modern restaunt. And there was no owner. Owner's son made Man doo with other peoples. Man doo soup was so simple, lack of a certain taste and Man doo stuff was filled with too much black pepper. There were not many peoples in that restaunt.
I was very sad. Korean peoples don't try to preserve their value. If a restaunt makes good business and become famous, owner tries to extend business area or lazy at keeping eye on their taste to maintain same taste. It's a pity. Although a few years are passed, if that owner makes Mandoo for herself as usual in the same place, maybe many peoples remember that restaunt and try to stop by. And that son also should learn how to taste good Mandoo before starting business.
I felt very sorry because I won't go any more to that restaunt and miss any more that special Man doo in my life.


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