Sunday, June 11, 2006

Gun Bbang - Roce biscuit

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Normally, to make instant and commercialized cookie by cookie maker in enormous volume, they use much of sugars and edible chemical product. Although sugar and chemical product are all edible, it is not recommendable for peoples to take them often and as much as we can because it's not quite healthy.
Recently, I tasted these cookies called as ' Gun Bbang ' by chance. Gun Bbang means that gun in chinese character is dry and Bbang is bread. Normally we call bread that are distributed to solders in military camp during their military service as ' Gun Bbang ' in Korean. It was made by unpolished rice as well as organic sugar that are very healthy for our body and it was roasted not fried. We can buy these cookies at organic or friendly environment shop. More over it, we can order by internet. Many korean mothers think of their childrens' health. Therefore, certainly these cookies are very loved. There are also green tea cookies.


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