Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Restaurant

After rain, the weather was fantastic. Although I prefer rain, sometimes, bright sun ray looks like an applause for hard work. Due to often business trip, I don't spend my personal life in meeting friends or close colleagues. Exceptionally, I went out to have a lunch with peter at the " Restaurant ". In that past time, I came here with my femail friend who got married with Austrialian. As we liked eating and are interested in food, we could share common taste and hobby together. However, recently, I didn't find any proper person who can share same taste around me. Of course, there are some friends who like very much dessert like me but they're not living in Korea. I took peter to this restaurant. As I didn't take breakfast, I was so hungry. My choice was apple cream soup as appetizer, scallop cream pasta as main dish, ice cream and biscuit filled with caramel, 1 cup of black coffee. Of course, 1 glass of white wine was added. Recently, I can't imagine formal meal without any alcohol. But please don't misunderstand that I can drink well, unfortunately, I like very much just socilizing with peoples thanks to little drink.

Apple cream soup was cold and fresh, quantity was very little. Scallop cream pasta was not bad, but very common, House wine was not dry so not bad, special dessert by cook was good especially ice cream, Coffee's quality was not so excellent. Although we wanted to talk more, because we have not met since 2 months before, restaurant was opened just up to PM 3 o'clock. We had to move to Insadong. We entered some galleries to appreciate Korean arts and painting. It made me very relaxed. Really, I could take a rest with fresh air and pleasant time.


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Cool post. I'm glad you're writing again.

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