Friday, June 27, 2008

A memory of Pasta Fresca

As I had a breakfast very late, I didn't feel any hunger even though lunch time was passed. Since a few days, thanks to our director's visit to Dublin, I had to take 3 full meals for a few days. Sometimes, although I'm living to eat, I felt too much eating made me mad or they were feeding me like pig. Yes, I gained a lot of kilos. Therefore, I had no appetite. However, around 2 o'clock, I decided to go out of office to take a small lunch. Normally, every day, there is some menus that bursts upon me. However, today, none. Finally, I went to " Pasta Fresca " located in Grafton street. When I came to know this restaurant for the first time, it was around Dec. 2005. To complete some technical issues with senior engineer close to me, our japanese colleagues introduced us. I can't remember the name of pasta what I've tasted in that time. It was fantastic. Although I tried to taste same dish, I couldn't find it because I couldn't explain what I've taken.
Today, I took tag capesante. Scallope, some vegetables including onions, creamy sauce. This is not too much creamy. Since long time ago, I didn't try creamy pasta, that I loved so much for a while in the past time. Today's choice was not bad. I took a glass of white wine. Quick lunch however, reasonable quality of italian food.


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