Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A french restaurant

Recently, when I went to Paris, I discovered one restaurant with two michelin stars(I think so) on the opposite area of Notre-Dame by chance. In that time, that restaurant was closed. A simple design and colour of that restaurant decoration and two michelin stars attracted me and I visited on purpose that street to taste their special food. I went there for the lunch. They introduced mainly 3 kinds of food per course. As appetizer, I chose asperagus with some red pepper powder, roasted fish( I can't remember the name of fish) as main dish, financier as dessert that actullay was recommended by a server of that restaurant. I asked him what a special dessert is in this restaurant. He introduced this chocolate financier. Asparagus was so simple. Some mixed chopped eggs with some chopped vegetables were served also. I spreaded them into a bread. It was so tasty. However, my choice of main dish is not so excellent. Frankly speaking, I love fish and sea food. But recently, whenever I pick up any fish, it was not so good. Today also was the same. It was okay. However, it was not so fantastic, unfortunately. Chocolate finaicier was fabulous. I think that chocolate scrumble is topped on this chocolate bread. It was not sweet. It was so simple. It is so amazing. There should be a lot of chocolates used for this dessert, however, it didn't give any sweetness. Therefore, I couldt empty a plate of financier showing the bottom of small plate. I finished my meal with double expresso. I selected one glass of white wine costed 9 Euro. It is so expensive, but taste was quite normal, not impressive. Inside decoration is so simple, ratherly so humble. Outer design looked better. Table setting was very humble. Used plates are so simple and normal, not impressive. What I was impressive was small expresso coffee cup. It was very diffierent one from normal expresso cup like asian style tea pot.
My evaluation of this restaurant is
Atmosphere - average
Appetizer - Excellent
Main - so so
Dessert - excellent


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