Monday, June 30, 2008

Italian Breakfast

Recently, I has been indulged in Italian food. I start my daily life with italian bread and coffee. Near to my apartment, there are two italian restaurants. They serve some breads, hot coffee at morning time, some pastas or salads at day time. Now, every morning, I go to one italian bistro restaurant. Some times I take just bread - apricot, strawberry croissant with a cup of hot coffee, some times, I order some breakfast menu such as scrambled egg, and toasts. Tasty is okay. Whenever I go to that restaurant and make a queue, I feel I'm still live and I also still in a member of this society. This fact made me more relaxed or gives me a comfort. Can you imagine that when I am in a queue while waiting for my coffee, I can think that I'm opening my busy day with others. Of course, on sunday, I go to Trinity college with some books. If the weather is not so good, there are few peoples who sit on the bench in trinity collage. It's very quite, and I can be relaxed.
This italian bistro restaurant serves very hot coffee. I hate cooled coffee !



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