Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bibim Bap

My korean friend invited me at dinner. Normally, as I spend my time alone, invitation at any meal makes me very happy. Especially, during the weekend. Appetizer was brucheta, main meal was Bibim bap - mixed rice with vegetables and some slices of beef, dessert was tiramishu. Today, I felt proud of the fact that I'm korean because of korean foods. Many foreigners enjoy Chinese, japanese, even thai foods, however, korean foods were not well introduced to foeign countries. It's a pity. Korean foods are very tasty, healthy and scientific. Due to pepper paste sauce, Bibim pap was salty. However, Simple rice were covered with slices of carrots, onions, mushroms, and egg fry. Well mixed and very fresh. Normally, when we take bibim bap, a bean sprout soup or soy bean paste soup are accompanied. Maybe during summer time, cold sea weed soup will be good. Today, any soup was not available, bibim bap was so tasty. I could imagine that I was in Korea and I missed my family and friends. In dublin, it's not easy to take real korean food especially home made. Therefore, I empted a big bowl of bibim bap. Because I can't expect when I can take it again. If I move to new appartment, I wanna make meals for myself.


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