Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sho Jin

One of best and famous korean singer, Kim gun mo introduced one japanese fusion style restaurant - " Sho Jin " located in Suhrae ma eul in a food program on TV. My mother saw it and various small and tasty foods attracted her. After searching web to find a restaurant telephone number, I booked a table for me and my mother. There were two courses - one is sake course for drink costed 30,000 won per person, the one is dinner course coster 45,000 won per person. Sake course needs an order of japanese alcohol over 750ml. As we didn't drink, we chose dinner course. Environment was very clean, japanese, casual, and comfortable. We can see that a chef cook with open space. 10 kinds of small dish were served. And last was U-dong. Quality of food was also good. Although I don't know name of each served food, it was delicious. Raw fish and sushi were very fresh.
It was okay and new try of new restaurant. Just 10% service charge sounded expensive. If everyday, we can take very tasty and good quality food, how happy our life will be. Of course, we'll need much money to cover all ranges of food price.


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