Monday, October 27, 2008

Mango salade which looks very different from the name

On the occasion of my birthday, I went to " Outback steak " located in Jong Ro. To my memory, I had been there 3 years ago. As my parents like very much their steak, I had to go there. It was dinner time at weekend. There were a lot of peoples, precisely young peoples. A lot of peoples left and came in however, table was not immediately set. I watched one table near to waiting place. It was not cleaned up for over 20 minutes. Although many peoples were waiting and many part time students were there, table was still there as uncleaned with messey and left plates. We had to wait for over 20 minutes. Waiting made me very tired. Instead of steak, I chose a mango salade. Mango was not so fresh, maybe preserved one. Sauce was so simple, not well tasty to my appetite. Salade was not well mixed with sauce and mango. It seemed to me that it was not mango salade but vegetable salade. Sauce was so weak, its taste was dead in comparison with so strong vegetables. As I didn't try steak, I don't know what taste was. Coconut bread was good with melting butter. When we left, they packed more breads as service. The following day, I could enjoy it as my breakfast. Personally speaking, I don't like too much family restaurant. Some times, quality is not so good differently from my expectation. I know that some times, I wanna go also to join young and animated environment with freinds. Today's trying was disappointing, maybe because of awakward service of staffs. For a while, I don't want to go there.


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