Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My birthday

29th of Oct is my birthday. A famous actress, winona ryder, her birthday is the same as mine. What will she do at her birthday ? I had a lunch with my company's female senior and juniors. As there are few wemen graduated from university in our company, I had no particular contact with women except only one female senior at the same level. However, after retuning to my country, I became known that 3 young ladies entered company regardless of their ability. At any rate, as I was looking for a different meeting from men's, I could enjoy chattering time with them taking some coffee. I ordered " Jun Ka Bok " made from abalone, and other kinds of sea foods,( it was so expensive amount to 50,000 won for small size, and " roasted shrimp with chily sauce ". and sea food Ja Jang Myung(black noodle) in Chinese restaurant. Srimp was so big, I didn't like too much. However, its taste was good. Black noodle also was good. After having a meal, juniors prepared a birthday cake. I'm full. I thought what I did at the same day one year ago. I was in Dublin. My japanese friend arrived at Dublin, very late. He celebrated alone my birthday. We went to indian restaurant because it was public holiday in Ireland, therefore, many famous restaurants were not opened. As we tried a few good restaurants, we had to decide to go to indian restaurant which has been opened almost every day. Fortunately, that night also, restaurant was opened. Two years ago ? I was also in Ireland. However, I can't rememebr what I did. At any rate, it's sad to have an age !


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