Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday table

My mother prepared some dishes that I liked the most in general. Normally, korean food needs much time and many hands in making any food, although looks very simple. Therefore, korean foods can show a heart and sincerity of a person who makes them. Jab chae, egg roll, roasted port mixed with different vegetables, sauced by pepper paste. As it was so special day, I took two small glasses of red wines with my father and brother. Although I like very much a cake made by < Yeon jae kwa >, I had to buy it from < han's bakery >, because I heard that Yeon jae kwa tried to sell a cake who was kept for a few days in their frigo, that means, not fresh one. It was disclosed to clients so I could hear it also. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy their soft cake at my birthday. My mother was so happy that I was in Korea. She could serve various foods made by herself and see me with her eyes. My family sung " Happy birthday song " for me. I had to have an age again. Time is passing so rapidly. I can't seize the time. However, I wanna do my best to make use of this time for my future not to regret some day.
I wanna say to my mother to prepare a special birthday table for me.
To my family to be with me this year.
And hoping to see a better me next year


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