Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time no see ! The restaurant

After having an appointment near to Insadong, it was around 11:20. Not going back home, I walked down toward Kyung Bok Palace. As it took some time to take metro, I decided to have a lunch here.
Since 3 years ago, I didn't come to the restaurant " The Restaurant ". When I entered, there was no person. As lunch was started absolutely from 12:00, I had to wait taking a cup of hot chocolate. For me who imagined very dark extract of real chocolate like La Duree or Merrion hotel, their hot chocolate made me very disappointed. It looked just melted chocolate. And I put some into a empty cup with using tea spoon, and then I pourred some hot water. They told me that it would be good to adjust density of chocolate, however it seemed to me that it was like melted Nutela( I hope not )
I ordered japanese bento, which main food was fish, it was the most expensive around 22,000 won among their menu. However very little food was served. Therefore I had to buy some cup cakes as dessert. As my friend invited me at her house, I brought more cup cakes from that restaurant. Price was less expenseive thant what I've bought mostly at Department store. Taste ? It was again disappointing. Sorry for the chef. I thought that it was very strange. Because to my memory, The restaurant offered very tasteful menu, with freshness and quality of food stuffs. However, today it was not the restaurant that I've remembered so far.

However I could think of friends and momery that I've spent together with in the past time. As there were not many peoples, I could relaxe myself.


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