Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As food and health are more important, and well-being moto already took its place in Korea, there was some change on pizza. In the past time, just american style's pizza with thick pan, much cheese, much greasy(much ham, much olives, etc) was introduced. However, since a few years ago, italian pizza with very thin pan, very simple topping, has been more popular. Therefore, many italian pizza restaurants opened in Itaewon, Apkujung dong, kang nam station, etc, more animated area in Seoul. Today, my brother brought some pizza from an italian restaurant called as "Stasera"(in English, tonight,,,,, I'm learning italian personally ^^, I'm just beginner, but sooner or later, I hope to upgrade my level to middle class to communicate with italian )
Very thin pan, toppings are so simple with cherry tomatoes, shrimp, covered with creamy sauce. Personally, I don't like much creamy sauce's pizza. Quality of shrimp was not so good(so small). Taste was okay. However, it was not so delicious attracting my appetite. However, my brother said that this resto is run by real italian chef(his name is Paolo E Marino) in case of main resto. Today's one came from other branch. Maybe, if main chef made this pizza, taste might be much better. Very interesting thing was that this pizza looked a little adapted for our korean, especially young people. In that sense, it was well working. That is very good point from my point of view. Some day, I wanna visit this restaurant to see interiors and taste other menus.

Telephone number in Kang nam branch : +82 2 3486 6002


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