Friday, February 27, 2009

Greentea chocolate Yatsuhashi

Personally, I love japanese cookies, chocoplates, mozzi, even food also. What is the most fantastic and amazing in Japanese food and their dessert is that each region and shop have kept their own recipe and making method. They developped their own label, packings, case, box. Therefore, just their packing or box allow clients to guess where that product comes from. Although recently many japanese cookies and food stuffs, ingredients were much imported and many japanese bar and restaurant have been opened and introduced into korean peoples, their too many kinds of their food stuff can't be all brought to Korea. So when I worked with japanese company, my colleagues close to me brought different kinds of cookies, mozzi, chocolate, yokang, etc. Whenever they come to Korea, they have asked me what I like to try this time. Especially femal colleague selected so nice cookies for me. As their case is so pretty, sometimes I keep them also. Today, I just introduce one item of them that I liked. Green tea chocolate Yatshuhashi.
As per its case, about 250 years ago, people start selling Yatshuashi as a souvenir. Now Yatshuashi is the most popular souvenir in KYOTO. Yatsuhashi is traditional japanese cookies made from rice flour with cinnamon.
Especially, OTABE-chan is MAIKO girl in Kyoto. She loves CHOCOLATE coated YATSHUHASHI very much.

Although I'm not Yatsuhashi girl, I do love this green tea chocolate.


Blogger lee said...

Hi, I'm from Hong Kong.

I will go to Osaka, and I
want to buy the strawberry chocolate yatsuhashi (the tin is so lovely).

Can you tell me where can I buy this kind of food in Namba, Umeda (OSAKA)?

7:10 PM  

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