Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wa ka si

One actress took wakasi on TV drama. Although I don't like too much wakasi, her eating look attracted my attention. Therefore, I bought some wakasi at Department store.
Wakasi is japanese word. I didn't find english name for Hwa kwa Ja. Kwa ja means cookie, and hwa means harmony. That is to say, harmony of cookie. This wakasi, hand made was offered to God at Royal court long time ago, just limited class, royal family and nobbles could taste them. Wakasi enjoy its first taste with eye, its final taste with tongue, so shape of wakasi is so splendid. Normally, it goes well with Green tea. This wakasi in Japan is made per region, therefore, there are a lot of kinds. There are 3 kinds ; Namakasi[生菓子], Hannamakasi[半生菓子], Hikasi[干菓子].
Especially, namakasi has much water, it's so similar to korean rice cake. As the representative example of namakasi, nerikiri, it is made beautifully of glutinuous rice and red bean grounds per different season. I know that there are many specialists of wakasi in Japan and each shop has his own speciality, which was inherited from their ancestors since a few years or century. It's so amazing ! One cookie and make up can be an art and a tradition.
Wakasi is not too sweet. It's not recommendable to take it every day. However, sometimes, when we take a little sweet and beautiful dessert, it's so good.


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