Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Saigon

I'm very and seriously lazy person. Today, I made up one more time my mind of updating my blog very often, almost every day. As I'm now living in Korea, my main items of blog will be korean food. If I can introduce korean culture through korean foods taking opportunity of this blog, I'll be very pout of myself and I believe that my little contribution to this blog will be so meaningful. I hope so. Besides it, from time to time, I wanna go back to my previous 3 years that I stayed in Dublin. As foreigner, I discovered more deeply western cooks and 3 years awoke the taste, the smell, the sight that were dead up to then and didn't know how to appreciate them. I want to share my beautiful memory thinking of different menus, and restaurants in Dublin.

Today, I want to introduce a vietnamien restaurant called as Little saigon( it sounds like a movie title ). For me that have looked for a special menu, my frined recommended me this restaurant. We can find them in a few spots. We visited one of them located in Karosu Kil. With two stories' building, interior decorations are so simple, white, so bright. However, partly, it looked so plain. Usually, I go to 2nd floor, because it is less busy, less peoples. Today's menu is vientamian wrap( Wal nam Ssam). With rice pan cake, which dips in hot water, we wrap different stuffs served on a big plate such as carrots, pineapples, cabbages, onions, shrimps, beefs, etc. Quality of stuffs are so good and fresh. And it's so abundant. Although I tried other vietnamien restos since then, I couldn't enjoy them, and appreciate any menu either except it. If you think of very fresh and well-being food, why not taking this vietnamian wrap ?


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