Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kim Jang

Kim jang season came again. This time, as my mother was so tired, she decided to make just 50 head of cabbages. Why is it so difficult to make Kimchi ? Although I don't yet get married, I can't imagine it. Thanks to mothers, all korean men and children have taken kimchi all the year. I know, the numbers of house who buy kimchi at supermarket or normal kimchi store are increasing because of our busy life. However, we can't trust red pepper powder, makeup process of kimchi. My mother had to make it for herself. Just I helped her out to distribute them into different case for storage. In spite of easy and simple work, it made me so tired. Ah, I admired all korean mothers and grand mothers who have spent their time in making food for their family. On the contrary, korean men are lucky. They don't do anything for that. Just they taste kimch newly made. Sometimes, mother prepares steamed pork to take with fresh kimch. This time, No. From now on, I won't be able to take kimchi thinking of much time and mand hands contributed to make up of Kimchi.


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