Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soup of Man dou

Personally, I like Man dou, especially hand-made Man dou. As I'm ratherly vegetarian, I like Man dou made of vegetables and korean Tofu without meat. In a few years, I sticked to make up of Man dou. I made everything from the wrap of Mandou and stuffs of Mandou. I put chinese sprouts, korean Tofu, zucchini. I mixed them with sauce of sesame oil and powedered seamse seeds. It was so simple and tasty. Today, my mother will make soup of Man dou. As Mandou needs many hands and much time, she won't make by herself, ratherly will buy them from Man dou restaurant. However, they'll put meat inside. I won't enjoy too much. As recently I feel so tired, I have no enthousiam of making Man dou by myself either.


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