Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Another Birthday party

With the very short term of my birthday, it's the birthday of my brother-in-law. As last year, I was not in Korea, they had a birthday party without me. This year, one italian buffet restaurant " Il Mago " was reserved for us. Before going there, I just thought that it's just buffet restaurant. Certainly, quality and kinds of food are not so high. I didn't have any expectation of this restaurant. Of course, my family who has been there gave me a very good observation of their food. Yes, it was true. Differently from other restaurants or buffet restaurants, food was so good in comparison with their price. First of all, there were a lot of sushi, which were very fresh made on spot by cooks. I liked very much pizza made with octopus black water. It was so tasty. I was cooked in wooden oven, pizza bread was so thin. On the top of pizza, nut powerders were sprinkled. I liked it the most. And japanese style U-dong was so good. Soup was very spicy and hot. I think that many ingredients and vegetables were inside this soup. It envigorated us. I wanted to take a strong americano coffee as dessert, however, coffee was not so strong. Yes, I could try espress, however, quantity is not enough as I love for coffee. So I thought of a strong coffee that every morning, I took in Europe, especially in Dublin.

It's so amazing. This year, I was with sister-in-law of my brother and brother-in-law of my sister. Our family composed of 5 members were increased over two years. Next year for me ? I hope so. After trying different foods, we had a birthday party with birthday song. How many candles ? ^^


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