Monday, November 10, 2008

Japense cold rae myun

I have not met my japanese friend for almost 2 years. I became to known her thanks to my colleague. She is his wife. As he is working in branch as the representative of japanese company, she can speak in korean. When I was in university, I tried to learn japanese. However, I couldn't keep studying because it was very hard for me to memorize japanese words and understand their grammer. I know that many korean think that japanese is an easy language to learn. I don't know why japanese looked me so difficult. As I was so interestered in language, I asked him to introduce his wife as tutor. Of course, I could teach her as korean tutor. Although we met a few times, my japanese level was not improved. Why ? We don't speak in japanese but in korean. I think that her korean level was improved. She brought me at Dong bu ichon dong, that is popular to korean as japanese street. As many japanese live there, there are many convenient facilities such as japanese restaurants, japanese groceries, bakeries, etc. As dong bu ichon dong was introduced to peoples through different magazines, I wanted to go there to see japanese style in Korea. We entered japanese restaurant. She ordered dong ga ts(pork cutlet), and I did Nang rae myun, that is served during summer time. Differently from korean nang myun, much mustard sauce is put. As vegetables, slices of ham is used as garnish. Although I don't like ham, Nang rae myun is okay. I tried it for a few years ago in Japan when I went to Osaka to see my sister. I discovered it so tasty. Taste was so similar to one that I've tried in Japan. Different one was that they put inside some corns( I don't understand why they put corns. This is normal ? ) Anyhow, I could enjoy japanese food in japanese resto run by japanese in Korea.


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이 음실을 "히야시 추가/hiyashi chuka"라고 해요^^

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