Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A lovely experience in Chinese restaurant

As one friend of mine is living in outskirts of Seoul, our meeting place was decided as GunKuk university area. Although there are too many restaurants, bars, and singing rooms, why can't we find any cosy place ? It's too illuminent ! Me and one friend should have walked around that area twice. However, we couldn't find any place that was attracting our attention. Disappointed, thinking that we would give up to have a good dinner and this area is not at all appropriate to us, we found one chinese bar. As there were some menus for food, we could try to enter. We ordered a representative chinese food for us - Tang su yuk made with pork and lemon sauce, and sea food Jjamg Bbong, a little spicy noodle. Before serving our ordered menus, they served warm jasmine tea to warm our body with 4 small dishes such as sliced yellow radish, peanut mixed with sugar poweder, garlic soy sauce, and sliced picked radish. Besides it, a hot soup also was served. It was so delicious. Table setting was so nice. Decoration and interiors looked very comfortable.
How was food ? Tang su yuk wity lemon sauce. This menu is not so common. As trial, we ordered. It was so simple with lemon favor. We liked it. Pork meat fried very crispily, so we could feel chewing. And sea food Jjam Bbong. Yes, it was a little spicy. However, soup was so nice and good. As we liked this restaurant, our dinner time seemed to us so lovely. We brought name card on purpose to go next time. Maybe, this restaurant will be our special place. It was so pleasant time.

* Name : Chi Ryong Moon Gaek Jan
* Location : Hwa yang dong 45-81, Kwang jin Gu, Seoul,
* Tel : 82-2-466-1511


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hi there ... I like Korean people, They are very nice n cute beib ;)

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