Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dublin love (1) - Orchid

Before visiting orchid, I didn't expect anything. Maybe I had a prejudice. Normally, Chinese food is so common, and its restaurants can be found in everywhere. As here is dublin, I preferred to try western food. However, restaurant was so great. Black wall is painted with orchid in gold. It's so cosy and comfortable. Since then, I became a guest. Foods are so excellent. Beijing duck, spicy crispy fish, steamed fish with gingers, slices of steamed pork, wantang soup, steamed shrimp dimsum, etc.
As appetizer, I try soup or dimsum. As main dish, different foods are ordered. As I love of fish, I order fish menu. When there are many visitors from korea, or some special meetings were hold, we gathered all at this restaurant to be relaxed from stress, and chat each other. It's funny and joyful time ! Orchid prepare some Movenpick ice creams, sorbets. Coffee is not so great. However, as they know me well, they offered more coffee. As I am coffee mania and like very much to talk taking some coffee, I love their service.
Normally, I go there at dinner time, however, some times, I go to enjoy lunch special menu with shrimp dimum and steamed fish with gingers. Restaurant staffs came from Hong kong, china, and Malasia. As I was always alone in Dublin, I wanted to talk with somebody. In that time, I went to this Orchid. It seems to me like freindly places to consolate me.

Interior : ****
Foods : *****


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