Thursday, February 19, 2009

Influenced by Jamie Olivier

Watching food program, I thought what encouraged me to be intrested in cuisine. Although I have loved food, spent a lot of money in eating since when I was student in university, I have never thought of being gourmet or food critic. I believe that an TV show hosted by Jamie olivier impressed me so much. Watching his cooking style, I discovered that he knows well how to adapt original cooking recipes into his own style. It is so amazing. He looked for natural ingredients and materials. And he tried to mix different stuffs and found his own creative product. His cooking way is so similar to korean ones. For example, he liked milling grains or mixing vetables in small mortar. And he tried to keep original taste and freshness of materials. I don't know yet. Because I have worked in company so far having a great intrest in food. However, some day, I wanna work as food critic and gourmet. Of course, I have to study many things indirectly through food programs, books, and directly visiting different restaurants, leaning in culinary school. As I can speak in English, and French, and italian, I hope that my ability in language contribute me to act as food specialist.


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