Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strawberry's season

Now, it's the season of strawberry. Although I don't like too much fruit, strawberry is exceptional. I like smoothie, cake, ice cream made with strawberry. As it's strawberry's season, we can get them more easily in the market. Making use of this good material, many bakeries, hotels are showing special event making strawberry as main subject. Today, I tried very fresh strawberry brest. It was so good, not too sweet. Walkerhill hotel that I like the most organize a special event called as strawberry season. From 14th of Feb., valentine's day, to 29th of March, they offer strawberry buffet. For a few hours, peoples can be indulged in strawberry's world tasting strawberry ice cream, smoothie, juice, cakes, pies, etc. Everything is made of strawberry. To absorb freshness of strawberry as well as vitamin, It's worth visiting.


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