Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dublin love (2) - Il Posto

3 years ago, at the entrance of spring, one saturday, I took a walk and was indulged in eye shopping in Grafton street. I've got one phone call from Marc, my irish friend. He invited me at lunch. When I was waiting for him at grafton capital hotel, he entered with his three angels(daughters) - Tarak, Jorgia, Hana,. These pretty girls were really like angels. He guided me to italian restaurant, Il posto. As it was saturday lunch around 12:30, there were not too many peoples inside restaurant. His wife, mary went to beauty shop. He had to take care of four children. One son was born in dec. 2005. He was really baby. I tried mushroom pasta, and chocolate dessert(I can't remember the name). However, the taste was so good. As we took pictures, I rememerber cleary that day. Since then, I visited a few times Il posto with my colleagues. Some times, I went alone for lunch. Interior and decorations are so clean and modern. Unfortunately, I couldn't discover same feeling of their food except the first visit. I couldn't think either that this restaurant offers real italian food. Maybe, I'm wrong. Subjectively, to my tongue, it seemed just western food, not focused to Italian style. However, it's clear that this restaurant gave me many souvenirs with my freinds and colleagues.

Interior : ****
Food : ***
Adress : 10. St. Stephen's Gree, Dublin 2
01 679 4769


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