Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dong Hae

When I came to know japanese restaurant, Dong Hae, it came back 1996. It's really 15 years ago. Our liason office was located just close to this restaurant. If there were very important guests or clients, we had a meal ; lunch or dinner. As it's a little expensive, normally, we used lunch time. After moving our office, I couldn't try to go to this restaurant. However, coincidently, my office was moved again to this area. Therefore, I could enjoy their foods. At lunch time, they offer lunch menu with hot fish soup. Normally, I take sushi costed to 30,000 won. As I go there alone, I sit in front of cook. Adventage of sitting there is that cook serve more sushi. As I love sushi, sometimes I go to this restaurant alone to enjoy a special taste. Today, I invited my sister and mother. As we had to sit inside, I couldn't expect more extra sushi offered by cook. Each ordered a fish soup and as appetiser, I ordered a special sushi. Fish is so fresh and quality also is good. However, what I like this restaurant is that I have many souvenirs there which I can't dream at all in other restaurant. Whenever I pass that area, I wish that this restaurant is not being vanished during my life time. In seoul, there are not many restaurants with their beautiful history over at least 20 or 30 years. Some times, new menu and fresh restaurant, just opened now made us excited. However, some times, we miss something old and tradional.

Interior : **
Food : ****


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