Friday, March 06, 2009

Dublin love(3) - Trocadero

Trocadero can be called as movie restaurant. Whole walls are covered with very famous irish actors and actress. As preferrably those actors acts in Ireland, I couldn't recognize their reputation or popularity from their irish fan. In korea also, a italian restaurant - < Il Mare > was decorated with very famous old movie stars such as Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn, Mongomery Clift, Malon Brando, Sophia Lauren, etc. As all pictures are black and white, it makes atmosphere more chic and modern in harmony with black background of wall. Trocadero's background is not black but red. So it looks more passionate and modern.
Food is normal western food. It's pretty good. Close to restaurant inside, there is a bar. Waiting for peoples, we can take aperitif before having a dinner. That is good. Food and menu are quite standard menu. Therefore, I was not so much impressioned with them. However, due to their particular decorations, interiors, and creative arrangement of old pictures, I had a very good memory there.

Interior : ****
Food : ***
Address : 3, St.Andrews Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel : +353 1 677 5545


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