Monday, March 02, 2009


We don't know how long and how come coffee is associate with chic, luxurious, and something different. Certainly we are influence by movies. I do like also coffee. As there are too many kinds of coffee, we can choose different kind per our humour. In general, I like the most black coffee. However, after having heavy dinner, expresso is better. If assortied with chocolate, it's fabulous. At day time, capucchino or caffe latte is good. Sometimes korean people miss korean style coffee. This is instant coffee. In side small long cover, coffee, prima(harden milk), sugar are. 2 soupons of coffee, 2 soupons of prima, 1 and 1/2 of sugar. We call funnily "DA BANG" coffee(Dabang indicate korean old-fashioned cafeteria long time ago, In that time, cafe manager in any cafeteria made similar coffee like standardized coffee).
Influenced by current movement in our culture, coffee is infiltered into our daily life. Many young people and salary man are carrying coffee after lunch or at work. To enjoy the original taste of coffee and make their own coffee taste, there are many courses at priviate acamedy to be a varistor. Of course, this course is opened to everybody who like coffee as hobby.
After having a dinner, I had a coffee at one cafeteria - Sicily. Their name plate looks like italian restaurant like their name. However, inside cafe, it looks coffee world very calm and comfortable. I think that manager is owner of that cafeteria. He is also varistor. He is offering some courses as a part of manners in different colleges. His cafeteria was introduced into one magazine related to coffee. As interior and atmosphere are so romantic and cozy, I envied that manager. Because he can enjoy this happiness every day.
As he recommended, I tried very strong expresso from South of America. It tasted a little sour, however, it was good. Coffee set was also so beautiful. Why became people happier after having some coffee ? Why are we addicted to coffee ?
As coffee mania, I'm also interested in varistor courses.


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