Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Congratulation on 100th edition of Michelin Guide 2009 France

This monday, Michelin guide celebrated 100th French edition. The first edition was introduced in 1900. They finally selected 26 restaurants with 3 stars. 3 star restaurants world wide status is as follows ;
In tokyo, 9
In hong kong & Macau, 2
In switzland, 2
In netherland, 2
In spain & portugal, 6
In germany, 9
In italy, 5
In belgium & luxembourg, 2
In france, Among 26 3 star restaurants, Le bristol, which its chef is Eric Frechon was offered the best. This book was published in different countries including USA, UK, Tokyo, etc. Now, Michelin guide is covering 23 countries.
When I stayed in Dublin, I could try different restaurants stamped by Michelin guide. In france also. Of course, sometimes, their reputation in other countries are not always correct and represents real local taste and menu. As a good example, when I entered two or three stars' korean traditional restaurant in Paris, I was a little surprised. Yes, it was not terrible, and bad either. However, I didn't think that that restaurant was representing korean's trypical taste. Ratherly, when I tried one small vegetarian restaurant, their menu and taste were much better. Foreigners have no experience in taking real local foods. Therefore, they can judge food by decoration or adapation skill. Of course, adaptation skill is also an imporant ability of cook.
Anyhow, Michelin guide's power is so great. Just by their name, many peoples can automatically expect that any restaurant is certainly at good level. As I'm so interested in food critic, I became interested in Michelin guide since a few years ago. To my knoweldge, michelin guide was not introduced in Korea, especially seoul. Personally speaking, food is closely linked to economic situatino, culture, political status of a country. For example, in Japan, there are many good restaurants with michelin guide. It indicates that japanese are at economic level, that can make them enjoy food and have interest in it. Because they have enough money. In seoul also, there are many good restaurants ; western, chinese, korean, japanese, etc. As michelin guide is not yet effective in Korea, I wanna also be a memebr of this judge. Looking forward to seizing that great chance.


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