Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sho jin

One day, a very popular korean singer, Kim Gun Mo introduced his favourite restaurant in a food program on TV. As that restaunt is very close to my house, I tried that restaurant with my mother firstly. Restarant is like japanese bar. Decoration, interiors, staff wearing style, table setting, etc. It was very clean and modern. There are two main munu at dinner. One is sake(japanese alcohol) course, the other is dinner meal course. Sake course offers different side dishes in assortement with sake. As me and my mother are not heavy dunker, we chose meal course. It costed 45,000 won. However including VAT, actually, it was 50,000. Differently from other countries, in Korea, VAT special service charge is extra. In general, restaurants don't request it.
Food was good and fresh. Quality was also good. Almost 8 small dishes are served. The last food is rice or noodle(daily different). Boiled egg, asparagus with Nato sauce, boiled aubergine with nato sauce, different fishes ; sushi, raw fish, boiled, roasted. As I love sea food, especially fish, I did really enjoy that food. Later I came back to try Sake menu. It was similar to dinner course. However, sake amount to over 20,000 won should be served. As I didn't drink too much, much sake was left. Per season, cook differentiate their menu a little. Certainly, he is using at most seasonal stuffs and adopted them into his menu.
Waiting for foods expecting what will be served next give another joy. As it's not too much in quantity, maybe men will say I need another meal after this course. However, if a drink party is arranged, it'll be fine.

Interior : ***
Food : ****


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