Monday, March 09, 2009


To my memory, I started to drink around last May. In fact, I have not drunken much. Therefore, I didn't enjoy drinking time with colleagues after work periodically. However, during my business trip, certainly I became lonely and liberal, so I could be indulged in drinking world. As a part of drink, I like very much beer. As my taste has been quite easily changed, my favourite beer also has been changed ; budwiser, guiness, heinneken, and recently asahi. Asahi beer is originated from japan. Although I'm korean, personally, asahi is better than korean beer. Korean beer is a little milder than japanese ones.
When I have an attack of indigestion, I drink asahi beer instead of medicine. When I become a little gloomy, I also drink asahi. The problem is that I drink asahi more often recently, maybe because of my current situation, a little depressed and melancholic. Positively, to try real asahi, I'd like to visit again Japan. How about is a theme of travel ? drinking a beer with local foods. ^^

As there are not many bars that we can drink draft of asahi, I drank already one can of asahi, 500 ml.


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