Saturday, March 07, 2009

The RaMen

Recently, I'am indulged in a food documentary on cable TV "J(Japan) channel". There are a few programs that are stimulating my curiosity and appetite. As a good example, one documentary about " Ra Men(japanese instant noodle ". Two main reporters - Hanz Endo, Ramen missionary and BaBa Akira, lover of Ramen. Baba Akira produced this program in conjunction with a Ramen specialist, Hanz. They're solving their daily 3 meals with Ramen traveling different regions. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Sometimes they ordered some sushi, japanese dumping, roasted adductor muscle of the fish, etc. However, it's Ramen that their main menu is. " Always ". Recalling their past experience, sharing their opinions, they visit very famous Ramen restaurants. Per region, cook, season, each restaurant offers their own menu differently from others and specialize a certain representative menu in his resto. If taste is excellent, two reporters don't say any word while taking Ramen. They say just " They're so touched by taste of Ramen " and they say to cook " Thank you so much for making this excellent Ramen for them ". Baba empties a bowl of Ramen as its token.
Documentary runs for about 30 minutes. They shows 6 meals in general. Watching this program, I respect their passion for a Ramen. It's amazing. Although I like bread, can I take breads every day for a few months not taking any other food ? And their creactive imagination of producing a documentary about Ramen made me full of admiration. Although main subject and object of that program are Ramen, TV watcher can discover too many things. We can know Japan's mountain, sea, sky while travelling Japan with them, and we can understand japanese culture and eating manner. Of course, their history and tradition. Just they're making a food program however, it introduces Japan into foreign peoples that don't know Japan and have never been to.
Food is not just limited to food. It covers our life and culture, and can represent one countrie's history. Thanks to their great effort, I became interested in japanese Ramen also. It's actully a great outcome of their program ?


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