Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sushi plate of Dong Hae

Personally, I love sushi of Donghae. However, sometimes, fish is thickly cut, therefore, I can't take sushi at one time. And it's very difficult for me to cut fish with my teeth, because it's too thick. I know quality of fish is excellent. However, sometimes, I want to say to chef to cut fish more thinly.
I had a lunch with my brother. We ordered summer special menu with buckwheat noodle and a plate of sushi. Summer special was not so good. It is composed of two very small lump of noodles, and a few sushi. As we ordered additionally sushi, we wanted to enjoy noodles because buckwheat noodle is very special to take heat. Soupe of noodle was not so excellent. Price was around 10,000 won, so it was not cheap. I was a little disappointed at their presentation of summer special.


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