Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wild rocambol

It's really spring. In korea, the weather is very warmer over a few days with some moist rain, therefore, I imagined that now, we're entering the beginning of summer, not spring. In general, korean peoples take seasonal foods per season absorbing the best nuitrive element, that each seasonal food/food stuff make for season.
In spring also, there are a lot of foods, food stuffs. As a good example, we made seasoned wild rocambol. Wild rocambol is a representative herb. It's a little bitterish so it's very good food to stimulate one's appetite. It contains much Vitamin.

Preparation : some wild rocambol, some soybean sauce, some powdered sesam,
Recipe : mix some wild rocambol adding some soybean sauce.

After making this seasoned wild rocambol, this sauce(based on soybean sauce) is flavory thanks to wild rocambol. Therefore, when we make some mixed rice(bibim bap) or some fresh vegetable salad, we can use this sauce also.


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